Missions - Glorious Heart Foundation

How We Change Lives

Our Missions

Glorious Heart Foundation is involved in various missions and programs to uplift individuals and communities who need it the most.


Making An Impact, Leaving A Legacy

The Glorious Heart Foundation is on a mission to change lives and uplift communities. Your charitable donation helps us provide vital support to individuals and communities across the world. Each day we have the opportunity to touch a life and make a mark on the world. Help us empower more individuals and communities. 

Education Is The Key For Development

Knowledge is power and Glorious Heart Foundation sets a major focus on this. Educating younger generations in order to give communities the best shot at a prosperous future is what we believe.


Providing Business Opportunities

Small businesses give a trickle down effect for communities. The business services the local area, creates jobs, and brings in cash flow to the area which otherwise might not have been there. 

The Glorious Heart Foundation believes in financing small business initiatives and have helped small entrepreneurs achieve their goals and dreams.  

Giving A Hand To The Less Fortunate

The Glorious Heart Foundation gives food to various soup kitchens and finances different food initiatives to ensure that people who don't have access to fresh, hot meals, have the opportunity. 

Giving The Necessary Resources

Glorious Heart Foundation truly believes that everyone has unlimited potential, if they are given the necessary resources. 

Our organization has financed various equipments, such as computers, to individuals in underdeveloped nations, giving them the opportunity to hone and develop new skills.